“I believe that by working with a financial advisor, investors can create a structure that helps them live their life as they intend. I decided to work in the finance industry because it is an industry where I will always have the opportunity to learn. I am fascinated by the economy, capital markets, and personal finance. I am driven to educate and give back to the community. In 20 years, I will measure my success by how well I have helped my clients improve the quality of the time we have worked together.”

Max Mahler

Max Mahler

Financial Consultant


Max is a native of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Max’s parents Lori and Alex Mahler are Fayetteville residents. Alex is a small business owner and Lori is a nurse. Max has one brother, Michael, a computer engineer and entrepreneur. Max is married to Lydia, an elementary school teacher. Max and Lydia have a daughter, Reese Eleanor Mahler who is 9 months old.


Max grew up working in his father’s business. He often even received hammers and tool belts for Christmas gifts from “Santa”. Max worked at an outdoor retailer throughout his undergraduate studies and spent a summer working as a river guide in the Grand Canyon. Max studied financial management at the University of Arkansas, where he graduated with a BSBA in Financial Management and Investments and two minors: one in economics and one in philosophy. Soon after starting work at Wells Fargo Advisors, Max went back to school where he studied business to earn an MBA. Max also studied financial planning through New York University where he did his class component to earn his CFP™ certification, To earn his CFP™ certification Max had to complete an approved educational program, pass a rigorous examination, and meet stringent experience requirements.

Other Activities

Max is an avid runner. He enjoys running long distances as well as competing in triathlons. Max also enjoys sharing his sport through non-profit efforts. He has created running events for children where the proceeds benefit local schools. Max enjoys the outdoors through hunting, fishing, hiking, cycling, and mountaineering. He has served on several community boards and is very active in the community.

Awards & Accolades

2018 Forbes Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisor
2019 Forbes Best In State Next-Gen Wealth Advisor